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*** BuildPowerSupplySensorList found <> power supply sensors

This is a known bug (ESXi 7.0), as stated in this link.


  • Upgrade to ESXI 7.0 U2c


# Log in to the ESXi Shell as root.
ssh root@<ip / hostname>
# Enter your password
# Create a Config Backup of the default configuration
cp /etc/vmsyslog.conf /etc/vmsyslog.orig
# Edit the Syslog-Config
vi /etc/vmsyslog.conf

# Add the following entry to enable the log-filtering capability
enable_logfilters = true
# Edit the Logfilter - File
vi /etc/vmware/logfilters

# Add the following entry to create a log filter:
 0 | Hostd | .*BuildPowerSupplySensorList.*
# Run the syslog reload command to reload the syslog daemon and apply the 
# configuration changes.
esxcli system syslog reload