During my activities as a system administrator, it happens from time to time that I have to provide a certificate for a variety of purposes.
Since a self-created and self-signed certificate is often sufficient, I would like to introduce my favorite way to create one.

Pluralsights's Self-Cert:

The Tool has some nifty features: you can create a PFX file , or you can save the created cert into a store of your choice.

When you save to a cert store, an extra dialog pops up showing you where the private key file resides, so that you can adjust the ACL accordingly. I've got a "view private key" feature that launches explorer with the /select argument, taking you to the private key file so that you can set the ACL on it.

Anyway, this extra dialog gives you some quick info you typically want, like the thumbprint. And there are buttons for browsing the cert store and viewing the certificate as well from here.