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From a network perspective, one usually has to overcome the following challenges.

So what are the causes of this complexity.


The PowerShell - Way:

The WAC (Windows Admin Center) - Way:

Fully Converged Setup:

Each network card on each host should be in its own IP address space.

Unfortunately, the wizard does not work in a virtual setup (see Link).


Get-NetIntent -ClusterName HCI
Start-ClusterResource -Name "Cluster IP Address"

Start-ClusterGroup -Name "Cluster Group"
Get-NetIntent -ClusterName HCI
Get-NetIntent -ClusterName HCI | % {Remove-NetIntent -ClusterName HCI -Name $_.Intentname}
Get-NetIntentStatus -ClusterName HCI
Get-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS
# On Nodes

Get-VMNetworkAdapter -ManagementOS | % {Remove-VMNetworkAdapter -Name $_.Name -ManagementOS -Confirm:$false}
$NICs = Get-NetAdapter
foreach ($NIC in $NICs)
"ms_pacer","ms_tcpip","ms_lldp","ms_lltdio","ms_tcpip6","ms_rspndr","ms_server","ms_msclient" | % {Enable-NetAdapterBinding -Name Ethernet -ComponentID $_}
"ms_implat","vms_pp" | % {Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Name Ethernet -ComponentID $_}
"ms_pacer","ms_tcpip","ms_lldp","ms_lltdio","ms_tcpip6","ms_rspndr","ms_server","ms_msclient" | % {Enable-NetAdapterBinding -Name "Ethernet 2" -ComponentID $_}
"ms_implat","vms_pp" | % {Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Name Ethernet -ComponentID $_}
"ms_pacer","ms_tcpip","ms_lldp","ms_lltdio","ms_tcpip6","ms_rspndr","ms_server","ms_msclient" | % {Enable-NetAdapterBinding -Name "Ethernet 3" -ComponentID $_}
"ms_implat","vms_pp" | % {Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Name Ethernet -ComponentID $_}
"ms_pacer","ms_tcpip","ms_lldp","ms_lltdio","ms_tcpip6","ms_rspndr","ms_server","ms_msclient" | % {Enable-NetAdapterBinding -Name "Ethernet 4" -ComponentID $_}
"ms_implat","vms_pp" | % {Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Name Ethernet -ComponentID $_}
$AdapterOverride = New-NetIntentAdapterPropertyOverrides
$AdapterOverride.NetworkDirect = 0
Add-NetIntent -Name FullyConverged -AdapterName "Ethernet", "Ethernet 2", "Ethernet 3", "Ethernet 4" -Management -Compute -Storage -AdapterPropertyOverrides $AdapterOverride -ClusterName HCI


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