As I am constantly creating instructions and guides (not only for my blog), which should be understood by a large audience, I am always concerned with the language settings of various tools.

Even I (as a person who is professionally involved in IT) often do not install applications in English (the de facto standard for IT topics) straight from the beginning.

As now in this case.....

And then of course it's annoying when you have to go on a tedious search to find the necessary information on how to change the language in a tool. Often these settings are not really obvious to find. The manufacturers unfortunately do not always manage to create GUIs (Graphical user interfaces) that are self-explanatory.

In addition, the manufacturer's documentation is often not always clearly understandable. In this case, one can only hope to find the post of an IT-affine person / blogger to come to a result quite quickly.

So enough words... I would now like to deliver this post here.

The tool what it is about: Oracle Virtual Box (Version 6.1)

File -> Preferences

Language -> English

That was it again.
Not a long post, but possibly very helpful.