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  • An operational Azure Key Vault
  • An imported certificate
  • The right permissions
  • An Azure Arc enabled server

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Architectural outline:

# PSVersion Check - at least Version 5.1 required

# Installing  the Azure Connected Machine PowerShell module
Install-Module Az.ConnectedMachine
# Security Protocol Check
# Modifying the Security Protocol Settings
[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12
# Installing  the Azure Connected Machine PowerShell module
Install-Module Az.ConnectedMachine

# Alternatively, you can install the entire module
Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber -Scope AllUsers
# Importing the newly installed module
Import-Module Az.ConnectedMachine
# Checking Net Framework Version
Get-ChildItem 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP' -Recurse | Get-ItemProperty -Name version -EA 0 | Where { $_.PSChildName -Match '^(?!S)\p{L}'} | Select PSChildName, version

If you need to install "Chocolatey" follow this Link

# Installing NET Framework (latest Version)
choco install dotnetfx -y -f


Permission Setup:

Grant the Arc enabled server the Key Vault Secrets User role in Access control (IAM) for the vault

Deploy the Azure Arc Key Vaultextension

# Connecting to Azure
Connect-AzAccount -UseDeviceAuthentication
$Settings = @{
  secretsManagementSettings = @{
    observedCertificates = @(
      # Add more here in a comma separated list
    certificateStoreLocation = "LocalMachine"
    certificateStoreName = "My"
    pollingIntervalInS = "3600" # every hour
  authenticationSettings = @{
    # Don't change this line, it's required for Arc enabled servers
    msiEndpoint = "http://localhost:40342/metadata/identity"

$ResourceGroup = "ARC_SERVER_RG_NAME"
$ArcMachineName = "ARC_SERVER_NAME"
$Location = "ARC_SERVER_LOCATION (e.g. eastus2)"
$SubID = "Subscription ID "

New-AzConnectedMachineExtension -SubscriptionId $SubID  -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroup -MachineName $ArcMachineName -Name "KeyVaultForWindows" -Location $Location -Publisher "Microsoft.Azure.KeyVault" -ExtensionType "KeyVaultForWindows" -Setting (ConvertTo-Json $Settings)


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