This article has not been completed yet. However, it may already contain helpful Information and therefore it has been published at this stage.

I already wrote about how to enable the monitoring function in Azure Stack HCI.

Below you will find the link:

However, with the latest version of Azure Stack HCI, new features have now been added that we would like to explore.

Enhancements have been made to the monitoring functionality, and Azure Stack HCI Insights is now available.

Below you will find the view in the portal before the required updates were applied.

In order to avoid conflicts, I deactivated the monitoring function.

Expected Result:

Now I have started to apply the necessary updates.

Currently I have a single node test environment in use and therefore I can't use the Cluster Aware Update Function.

There is already a blogpost published by me on how to install and use the cluster aware updating role.

We now use a different way to install our updates.
We do it directly through the Windows Admin Center (WAC).

Sometimes you may experience problems reconnecting to the cluster after restarting the updated node. This is usually related to a faulty cluster resource.

Start-Clusterresource -Name "Cluster IP Address"

After that we can activate Insight.

Next, we will find a new option at our HCI resource.

Following the information now available:



Virtual Machine:



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