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  • Open outbound Connection - TCP / Port 1433
  • Onpremise SQL Database - Server
  • Database (AdventureWorksDW2019.bak)
  • Tables that should be synchronized need to be equipped with a primary key - "DBO.DimCustomer"


Creating a Resource Group

Creating an Azure - Database:

Sync - Setup

Caution: It is important to archive the agent key, as it will be needed at a later point in time.

Installing the Sync Agent (onprem)


There are several options:

Configuration of the Sync Agent Part 1

At this point, we'll make a short break and perform one more customization in Azure.

SQL Firewall Adjustment in Azure:

Configuration of the Sync Agent Part 2

Adding the OnPrem Database to the Syncgroup

Table selection to be synchronized

Performing the first synchronization

Expected Result (Cloud (Hub - DB)):

Link to larger version of the image


Data Sync Agent for SQL Data Sync - Azure SQL Database
Learn how to install and run the Data Sync Agent for SQL Data Sync in Azure to sync data with SQL Server databases