dbatools is a free PowerShell module with over 500 SQL Server administration, best practice and migration commands included. You can think of dbatools as a command-line SQL Server Management Studio

Minimum Requirements


  • SQL Server 2000
  • No PowerShell needed on the host for SQL Server-only commands
  • PowerShell remoting enabled on the host for remote Windows commands


  • Windows 7 with PowerShell 3
  • Linux or macOS with PowerShell 6.1


dbatools aims to support as many configurations as possible, including

  • SQL Server 2000 – 2017
  • Express – Datacenter Edition
  • Clustered and stand-alone instances
  • Windows and SQL authentication
  • Default and named instances
  • Multiple instances on one server
  • Auto-populated parameters for command-line completion (think -Database and -Login)

More information

Want to know more? The dbatools blog has a lot of great articles and all my database managment scripts presented here are based on it.