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# Module setup
Install-Module -Name Firewall-Manager

# Module import
Import-Module Firewall-Manager
# Show all Rules
Get-NetFirewallRule |Format-Table|more

# Show all rules containing "Datei"
Get-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName "Datei*" |Format-Table|more
# Export
# Export-FirewallRules -Name "<Rule name>" -CSVFile "<Path to the CSV>"
# Export-FirewallRules -Name "<Rule name>" -JSON "<Path to the JSON>"

# Import
# Import-FirewallRules "<Path to the CSV>"
# Import-FirewallRules -JSON "<Path to the JSON>"
# Help
# Get-Help Export-FirewallRules

Get-Help Export-FirewallRules


Firewall-Manager 1.0.2
Firewall-Manager is a module to manage firewall rules. * Export-FirewallRules to export firewall rules to a CSV or JSON file * Import-FirewallRules to import firewall rules from a CSV or JSON file * Remove-FirewallRules to remove firewall rules according to a CSV or JSON file
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