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  • Your vCenter 7.0 server automatically expired your root password
  • You left the default setting to expire the root password in your vCenter Appliance
  • When you try to log on to the management website :5480 with root, it says the password is expired.
  • You know what the root password is.


  • Connect to your VCSA (vCenter Appliance) using SSH – logging on with root and your expired password will work
# Connecting via SSH to VSCA (vCenter Appliance)
ssh root@<VSCA - IP>
  • You will pe prompted to change your password

Prevent the root password from expiring again

  • To prevent the root password from expiring again, log onto vCenter management website ( :5480), go to Administration menu, and change the password settings here.

If you use a long, complex password, there is no reason to automatically expire it. Long and complex means 14+ characters!


How to fix or change vCenter root password expired 6.5 and 6.7