For professional reasons, I often find myself in the situation of being asked to write instructions for other people to work on an IT-relevant topic.

Thereby it makes a big difference for which audience the manual is intended.

If these are people who are confronted with new tasks in IT on a daily basis and also for professional reasons, then a few lines are often enough without extensive commentary.

If these are people who simply want to do their work IT-supported, without having to deal with it for a long time, then it becomes more difficult.

However, this doesn't mean that it is not more difficult sometimes to provide the necessary information and instructions to the first-mentioned audience.

Recently, I have discovered a new and clever way to face this problem.

Up to now I have always created instructions with the tool "Greenshot" ( based on screenshots.

Below is a small example:

This works quite well, but every step has to be documented and carefully commented, which is quite time consuming.

That is why I would like to present my new way using the tool "ScreenToGif" ( .

"ScreenToGif" is a small portable tool to record from the desktop, a connected camera, or a drawing board.

These recordings then can be edited and saved as gif, apng, video or project.

The big advantage is that unnecessary sequences can be cut out of the created material (because they are unnecessary waiting times or intermediate steps). Additionally, selected content can be exported as an image (including eventual necessary comments).

Below is a small example:

Below is a small guide on how to use the tool properly:

ScreenToGif - How to use
Learn how to use ScreenToGif.

Have fun with it.