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SSH for Arc-enabled servers enables SSH based connections to Arc-enabled servers without requiring a public IP address or additional open ports.


  • Agent version of 1.13.21320.014 or higher (see link)
# Check Connected Machine Agent Config (on the arc enabled server)
azcmagent show
  • Working SSH - Service
# Check SSH - Service (on the arc enabled server)
sudo service ssh status
  • Compatible regions
eastus2euap, eastus, eastus2, westus2, southeastasia, westeurope, northeurope, westcentralus, southcentralus, uksouth, australiaeast, francecentral, japaneast, eastasia, koreacentral, westus3, westus, centralus, northcentralus.
  • RBAC - Role - Virtual Machine Local User Login role (if you want to login with your azure credentials without knowing a local user)
  • HybridConnectivity resource provider
# Alternate way via Azure CLI
az provider show -n Microsoft.HybridConnectivity
az provider register -n Microsoft.HybridConnectivity
# Enable Port 22 for Incoming Connections via Arc (on the arc enabled server)
azcmagent config set incomingconnections.ports 22

# Check Config (on the arc enabled server)
azcmagent config list

Connecting to the arc enabled Server through the Cloud Shell via SSH

# Check for the SSH Extension
# Connecting from the Cloud via ARC over SSH

az ssh arc --resource-group <ressource group> --name <arc enabled server name> --local-user <local user>


(Preview) SSH access to Azure Arc-enabled servers - Azure Arc
Leverage SSH remoting to access and manage Azure Arc-enabled servers.

SSH access to servers running anywhere using Azure Arc