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Steps to take:

Step 1:


Hands On:

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Step 2:


Step 2.1:

Download the exam guide (SAA-C02)

Download the sample questions (SAA-C02)

Step 3 - Practise Tests:

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Test - Strategy:

  • Understand - try to understand the main points of the question ( read throw more than one time, if needed)
  • Eliminate - remove Answer that are 100% wrong in your point of view
  • Evaluate - think about the tradeoffs of the remaining answers. Consider what is said and what is implied.
  • Select - select the correct answers (from your point of view; you will never be asked to select more than 2 and if you need to select more than one, the question will ask for it).
  • Validate - check if your answer corresponse and fulfil the requirments of  the given question

Tips & Tricks:

Test - & Certification Domaintopics:

Domain 1 - Design Resilient Architectures

  • Single AZ Answers are always incorrect
  • No single point of failures
  • High Availability -ne Fault Tolerant

Domain 2 - Design High-Performing Architectures

  • Look always for caching options (ElastiCache)
  • Know how and where to use autoscaling
  • Selecting the best instance type (t vs m vs c) in regard of the Use Case (Compute, General Purpose -> Webserver vs. App - Server)

Domain 3 - Design Secure Applications and Architecutres

  • Lock down Root - Account
  • Security Group (doesn't have a dedicated deny state - stateless) vs. NACLs (Network Access Controll List - statefull)
  • IAM Roles are in a security prospective always the right way to go

Domain 4 - Design Cost Optimized Architectures:

  • For always on instances -> reserved instances is a good optins
  • Serverless (Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Fargate) is always the most cost effective option
  • Selecting the best instance type (t vs m vs c) in regards to Costs
  • Select the best cost effective storage type (gp2 vs io1)
  • Cost Optimization Questions -> in most Cases you have 2 Options that will work, but one fits better in regards to costs.

No domain associated tips:

  • For unstructured Data -> S3 is a good match
  • Managed services are preferred (fits more than one domain)
  • Mark question for later review


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