It is probably a well-known problem in IT. More services are to be provided with the same number of IT employees. Mostly this is due to a natural development, e.g. that a new IT system or a new IT service has been added, which has to be maintained. Only in very few cases something is cancelled without replacement...

This means that the workload is constantly increasing while resource availability remains the same.

Even in this case, you have to think about how to deal with such a situation. In some companies, resetting passwords alone requires a dedicated employee, although it's not really a complex task.

So how can you try to solve this problem? You simply take the same approach as many banks do with their online banking offerings. You give the work back to the customer or the person who needs help. The keyword here is self-service.

Normally, such solutions are very expensive and must be specially set up or developed. A project of a sysadmin colleague is now hitting this notch.

His solution is called WebJEA.

What is WebJEA?

"WebJEA allows you to dynamically build web forms for any PowerShell script. WebJEA automatically parses the script at page load for description, parameters and validation, then dynamically builds a form to take input and display formatted output. You define access groups via AD and the scripts run within the AppPool user context."

I tested this system and installed it "productively" several times.

I will document and present the install routine in further consequence (a specially created blog post) to you. Possibly I can make a contribution to the further spreading in this way.


WebJEA - Secure Self Service Web Forms from PowerShell Scripts - markdomansky/WebJEA