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If you do not have certified hardware available for testing Azure Stack, you may not be able to find suitable drivers for the HCI OS and its installed components.

💡A simple solution to this problem and to obtain the necessary drivers is to equip the system in advance with a classic Windows Server operating system. It is very likely that the drivers can be found and installed there. You can then simply export the drivers to a USB stick using the PNPUTIL tool.

Once the Azure Stack HCI OS has been installed, simply plug in the USB stick again and import all the drivers obtained in this way. Of course, PNPUTIL is also used for this.

Here are the commands I used for this 👇 :

# Erstell Ordner auf USB - Stick
mkdir E:\Drivers

# Export Drivers

pnputil /export-driver * E:\Drivers

# Import & Install Drivers
pnputil /add-driver E:\drivers\*.inf /subdirs /install 


Exporting Windows drivers with pnputil
I recently came across an entry in c’t Magazin’s FAQ about backing up Windows drivers for a fresh Windows installation. Their suggestion was to utilise the pnputil tool that is included…
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