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Your introduction should hook the reader. It should sell the reader what you're offering (this post). It shouldn't convey any information or teach the reader. Instead, its sole purpose should be to entice the reader to start reading your post.

Please take a look at this video and give the intro another shot.  


Additionally, make sure to put the most important keywords in the first paragraph of the intro. This is essential for successful search engine optimisation (SEO).


Instructions should always be given above a screenshot. Otherwise, readers have to read from bottom to top, which contradicts the natural reading process.


Avoid personal addresses such as "I", "we", etc. . It is all about the reader. Of course, you can address the reader.


Essential additional information should always be declared as callout.

Callouts must always be italicized.


Tell the reader why they need to click something.


Tell the reader why first, then how to do it.


Start with the action first. Say "Click on <area>  located <where is this located? lower-left? left panel?>. Doing so will redirect you to <.......>."


Add a section intro to transition from one topic to a new topic


Convert the steps to numbered list if there are three or more steps.


Don't make any text bold that isn't referencing an GUI element in a screenshot.


Don't just say 'Result'. Tell the reader what you're showing them.


Add links to the document, if you use a term for the first time. Then briefly introduce what the term is about.


Always remember to first "introduce" the concept or term first and then talk about it.  

Example: (file integrity) "In some instances files can become corrupt such as when...(examples here). On the surface you may not know they're corrupted so it's important to verify their integrity..."  

Notice above I first clearly state the problem with examples to prove this is a problem. Then, and only then, do I introduce the term "file integrity".


Ensure each header's length is no more than 65 characters


Each header should be in title format. Try


Each picture needs a caption.

Make captions actionable with a verb like "Creating this" or "Invoking that".


Change up your step instructions by occasionally adding transition words by starting your sentences with "Now, ", "Next, ", "Once you..", "Finally", etc.


Tell the reader why. Don't just say "Click on <.......>". What will happen if the reader clicks on it? Where is this '<.......>' menu/tab/options located?