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# View all installed IIS components
Get-WindowsFeature -Name web-server | Format-List -Property *
# Installation of the necessary IIS components
Install-WindowsFeature Web-Server -IncludeManagementTools

Expected Result:

# Adding an IIS Management Module to PowerShell
Install-Module -Name 'IISAdministration'
# Display all existing websites
# Creation of a new folder
New-Item -ItemType Directory -Name 'ILOISO' -Path 'C:\'
# Change directory
cd .\ILOISO\
# Create a subfolder
mkdir HCI
# Remove the "Default Web Site"
Remove-IISSite -Name "Default Web Site" -Verbose
# Creating a new Web Site
New-IISSite -Name 'ILOISO' -PhysicalPath 'C:\ILOISO\' -BindingInformation "*:80:"
# Display all existing websites
# Checking the current Directory Browse Configuration
Get-WebConfigurationProperty -filter /system.webServer/directoryBrowse -name enabled -PSPath 'IIS:\Sites\ILOISO'
# Adjusting the current Directory Browse Configuration
Set-WebConfigurationProperty -filter /system.webServer/directoryBrowse -name enabled -value true -PSPath 'IIS:\Sites\ILOISO'
# Restarting the IIS - / Web - Service
iisreset /restart
# Downloading some Image (HCI OS)
wget -uri -OutFile "C:\ILOISO\HCI\AzureStackHCI_20348.587_en-us.iso"

Expected Result:

# Checking the current Mime-Type Configuration
Get-WebConfiguration -Filter system.webServer/staticContent/mimeMap | Where-Object { $_.fileExtension -eq '.iso' }
# Adjusting the current Mime-Type Configuration
Add-WebConfiguration -Filter system.webServer/staticContent -AtIndex 0 -Value @{fileExtension='.iso'; mimeType='application/octetstream'}

Expected Result:

Image loading inside ILO with the help of a URL:


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